Find Your Ring Size

We all know that having a perfect diamond is the most important part of a ring, right? Well, that may not be 100% true. Having the right diamond means nothing if your ring doesn’t fit well. Ring sizing may not be the flashy part of the rig purchase experience. However, it is a crucial step when purchasing the perfect ring. As we all know, buying a ring is not an everyday task. Even if you have bought rings in the past, it is often a good idea to revisit the process to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

How to Find Your Ring Size

Ring Sizes

Finding your ring size can be an intimidating process. A quality piece of jewelry should last a lifetime, or even generations, but an inaccurately sized ring can heavily deter the wearer from cherishing it for more than its sentiment. Even though this can be a daunting premise it shouldn’t be a challenging one. By keeping in mind some of these tips we hope that you can find the ring that is right for you without the anxiety.


One of the first things to consider when figuring out a ring size is to understand the hand of the wearer. This might seem like an obvious thought but everyone’s hands are different and you cannot find an accurate measurement for a ring on any hand other than that of the wearer. If you are the wearer this is an easy process as you can just measure your ring finger but oftentimes buying a ring is done as a gift to someone else. If this is the case, you will need to get a measurement of this wearer’s hand.


Depending on your relationship with the intended wearer and the occasion of the ring this can be a varying process. While you may have a long-time, casual, relationship with the intended wearer, where you can just ask for their ring size, rings are usually specialty gifts reserved for birthdays, anniversaries and engagements. If you are planning to buy a ring as a surprise, it can be difficult to find out their ring size without giving it away. Some tactics that we recommend are seeing if the intended wearer has a similar ring to base the size off of or asking a friend of the intended wearer if they can ask them for the ring size. Having a close friend or relative of the wearer ask for their ring size can divert attention away from you and your intentions to surprise them.

Measuring Your Ring Size

Find Your Ring Size

It’s one thing to inquire about a ring size but not many of us know our ring size off the top of our heads. When it comes to measuring your ring size it’s important to be accurate. There are multiple different tools and measurement systems available but a simple, yet effective, way for anyone to measure their ring size is with a piece of non-elastic string.


Measuring out a six inch length of non-elastic string, you can wrap it around the base of your ring finger. This is where the ring would sit on your finger. At the point in which the string makes its first circle around the finger, mark the string. Measure the string from its end to the mark you have made. Make sure that you are using a ruler that can measure down to the exact millimeter. Many ring sizing charts go off of a millimeter measurement. It is also helpful in making sure you have an accurate and precise measurement for the ring.


Another point in which to consider is the particular characteristics of the wearer’s hand. If the wearer’s hand is prone to swelling, especially in the fingers, it would be imperative to incorporate this into determining the sizing. If you are inbetween sizes you could look to go up one size. Make sure you don’t make the ring too big, as your efforts finding the correct ring size will have been insignificant. You just want to make sure you can avoid getting your ring wearer stuck in a bad situation.


If the wearer’s knuckles are bigger than the base of their finger you will want to measure the knuckle as well. We would suggest picking a size that is in between these two measurements. The ring shouldn’t be so tight that it can’t fit over the knuckle but it also shouldn’t be loose enough that it moves around on the finger.


You should also measure your ring size at your normal body temperature. As stated before hands and fingers can swell, changing the size. Temperature is something that causes everyone’s hands to change. This isn’t really a problem or a noticeable phenomenon unless you are wearing a ring. Measure your ring size in a comfortable environment in order to get an accurate reporting. Even throughout the day your finger size can change, due to the varying use of your hands. The best time to measure your ring size is towards the end of the day, as your fingers are the biggest size.


Measuring your ring size is something that should be with close consideration. One of the best ways to confirm your ring size is to measure it more than once. As stated previously, the size of your fingers can change due to a multitude of reasons. Even if you have measured your ring size in the “perfect environment” it’s important to double check to ensure you end up with a ring that truly fits. If you are someone who is prone to having your hand size change you might want to consider measuring your ring size in these conditions too. Knowing the range in which your ring size changes is important to consider. That being said, you don’t want to fully account for this as the ring could be too loose for daily wear.


Finally, it is important to consider the style of the ring as well. Some ring styles fit differently than others. Some are wider and some are narrower. This can make a difference in the comfort of the ring on the wearer’s hand. It is important to consider what you are looking for when figuring out a size for a ring. If you are basing the ring size off of a previous piece of jewelry it is important to use a ring that is similar in style to the one that you are looking at getting. This way you can ensure that the ring you are getting is the right size and one that will be cherished forever.