The Jack Joseph Story

Born nearly 125 year ago, Jack Joseph was a Chicago jeweler whose family fled the port city of Odessa
for the promise of America.

The family arrived at Ellis Island during the summer of 1905. The journey was long and exhausting on the
young family who arrived in the New World with nothing more than their personal belongings. Eventually,
the family made their way to Chicago, a booming and crowded city of nearly 2 million.

At first, city life was overwhelming for young Jack and his brother Barney. Both attended the local public
school but before high school age they were working full-time to help support their family. Eventually, the
brothers would start selling wares from a push cart on Maxwell Street, a destination where immigrants
could scratch out a living.

From these humble beginnings, Jack became a jeweler and Barney an antique dealer. Jack eventually
opened the Southern Watch Company in the Mallers Building located within Chicago’s famed downtown
loop. He bought and sold watches and rings for over 50 years. 

During this time, he met and married Ethel Cohen. They had two beautiful daughters, Shirley and Roslyn
both of whom married and raised families of their own. He loved his daughters more than life itself. Jack passed in 1985 at age 88. 

We are the great-grandsons of Jack Joseph. We honor his memory, his love of family and his American spirit by naming our humble enterprise, Jack Joseph, LLC.

We are committed to providing you the most beautiful conflict free lab-grown diamonds in the world. We
are also committed to helping maintain the beauty of our planet. Your purchase of a Jack Joseph
diamond ensures that there is one less mined-diamond that was extracted from underground mines,
which permanently scar the earth, pollute the land and air and impair human life.

Your Jack Joseph diamond will breathe a bit of fresh air into our world while it lights up your life under its fiery glow.